A Family Company with a Green Thumb

»Our Software for Plant Production in the Laboratory does not have Any Competition Worldwide.«, Bettina Schlegel and Andreas Schlegel, Invitrosoft Software Solutions

Foto: Volker Döring

“Intelligent and efficient plant production is beginning today in the laboratory. Otherwise the increasing need for groceries and ornamental plants will not be able to be met”, say Bettina and Andreas Schlegel in explaining the starting point for their business idea. Mass production under laboratory conditions requires continuous assessment and document of the plants, the fertilizers and protective measures used and the processing steps taken by the employees. Without interupting procedures like transplantation, packing or shipment, all relevant data is collected with the help of bar codes and the appropriate scanning devices. “Our software for plant production in the laboratory does not have any competition worldwide”, stated Bettina Schlegel, Managing Director, as she explained the company’s success. After the establishment of the company in 1997, it took less than two years to develop functional software for a strawberry plant breeder, which has been continuously modified and refined in the subsequent years.

Today, the software has been successfully deployed in numerous large companies. In the meantime, 300 million plants have been produced annually with the help of the continuously improving Invitrosoft Systems. Invitrosoft’s knowledge and skills are especially highly requested in Brazil, where a branch office was opened in 2010, and in China, who is currently intensifying and industrializing their agricultural efforts.

In the mean time, the Schlegels are not only in demand as software engineers, but also as consultants to large companies, that are establishing plant productions and creating structures for them. Currently, they often fly to China, where they are consulting on the installation of 125 huge greenhouses in Ningxia Province. The project is being supported financially by the provincial government. With some luck, it will serve as the entry point into the growing Chinese market. When asked about their reasons for relocating the company from Baden-Württemberg to Berlin last year, the Schlegels rave about the high quality of life in the capital city, its international character, the people searching for like-minded people in Germany and the opportunity to employ employees from around the world. With the help of Berlin Partner, they found the bright, comfortable rooftop office in the commercial park on Helmholtzstraße in Charlottenburg and are quite happy with it. Employees can relax at the nearby Spreebogen or in the Tiergarten during their lunch breaks. There is a tasty and inexpensive restaurant directly in the park. Not least of all the Schlegels are particularly taken with the hinterland of Berlin, which invites people to cycle and swim.

Dr. Michael Schäbitz
Kluge Köpfe 2011