the Inspection Agency for the computer network

»We have always been on the Leading Edge when It comes to introducing New Technologies.«, Gabriele Schrenk, CEO EANTC AG

Photo: Volker Döring

Watching TV over the Internet, banking online and telephoning with the computer, all of this has become part of our everyday lives.

However, almost no one thinks about the technology that stands behind these capabilities. Giant cable networks are connected to each other, or disconnected, through connection devices such as routers and switches. This complicated technology must continue to operate even when thousands or millions of users are connected with the network at the same time. This is where EANTC does their work. The German market leader tests networks for major customers like Vodafone, Alcatel and Telekom, so that they will operate smoothly even under peak loads.

They are a type of inspection agency for the network.

“We always consider the network as a whole. When a customer wants to watch television over the Internet, for example, snowy playback or dropped picture are unwanted. The customer also wants to be able to change channels quickly. With our tests, we check the network technology and software and ensure the quality that the operator needs in order to be successful”, says company head Gabriele Schrenk. Even as a student, the then prospective information technologist worked at EANTC, a company that was established in 1991 at the Technische Universität.

Network technologies were already the focus of her interest. Her enthusiasm for technology was already apparent as a child. “In school, I knew that the Natural Sciences were more important to me and that I wanted to work with them.” Since 1999, Gabriele Schrenk has been the Managing Director of EANTC. She enjoys this work above all because the new technologies do not allow a routine to be established.

“We have always been on the leading edge when it comes to introducing new technologies. That is one of the major challenges.” Around the world, there are only a few professional service providers, who are capable of operating at the levels occupied by EANTC.

For that reason, the company’s customers can be found everywhere in the world. The company feels quite at home in Charlottenburg. Located for many years at the TU, EANTC moved their offices to Salzufer Street only a few months ago. “The new offices are centrally located, have good connections, especially with the airport, which is very important for our customers”, says Gabriele Schrenk. In the future, the company that has successfully survived two global economic crises wants to continue to grow and ensure that we can use technologies in the network free from worry.

Bettina Tacke
Kluge Köpfe 2011