Let’s kiss one more time

Whether heartache or headache – the internet platform Songfor has just the right music for every occasion and every mood

Björn Kötter und Sven Wedig (v.l.) Foto: Moritz Schmidt

What was that first kiss like again? It was with Tom from next door, at a party, and in the background Bon Jovi was singing something about a bed of roses. And when Tom broke it off, there was a song by Radiohead playing on the radio. „Many songs remind us of very specific events. Our first heartache, a fantastic holiday or a really fun car journey,“ says Sven Wedig. Together with Björn Kötter he runs the internet platform Songfor. The entrepreneurs want to bring together two things: music and emotions.

The users can create their own very personal playlists from more than 14 million songs. For example, a list about preparing for a party, about a stag party, about having a headache or the best football songs. The users can then decide for themselves what happens to the playlist: for example, they can make the list public for others or buy it and download it. One song costs around 99 cents.

The new music platform is particularly popular among 18- to 25-year-olds. „We get more than a million clicks every month,“ says the satisfied 36-year-old company founder. Statistics show that more women than men use the site. To be able to offer as many songs as possible, the database co-operates with the iTunes multimedia management program from Apple.

The idea for the database came to life in 2012 at a home match of 1. FC Köln football club. „Whenever possible, I watch every home match in the stadium,“ the Cologne native explains. There are countless musical love letters to the cathedral city on the Rhine. „So at the time I made up a kind of personal Cologne playlist,“ the entrepreneur recalls. The idea for the platform was born. Songfor has been online since the middle of 2013. The company gets around ten new registrations every day. And the trend is upwards. „We’re excited about how all this is developing,“ says Björn Kötter. For example, some day this could be a kind of personal network. A link-up with television is also a possibility for the two entrepreneurs. The „Chartshow“ programme on RTL on Saturday evening could serve as a template.

At present, the start-up company is situated on Einsteinufer in Charlottenburg, in the direct vicinity of the Berlin University of the Arts. „The whole environment and our contact with the students are very exciting,“ says Sven Wedig about the location. Then there’s the good public transport service and the reasonable rent. „The cost-benefit ratio is very good,“ the entrepreneur explains.

Stefanie Paul
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