Looking forward with the Memorial Church behind them

The IT services company disserto optimises company processes – while also leading Word out of its shadowy existence as a typewriter

Michaela Goerlitzer-Klingenberg, Andreas Klingenberg Photo: Alexander Klebe, Brightside Studio

IBM, AOL, SAP... – if you want to make it in the IT industry, you seem to require a name with three letters. However, Andreas Klingenberg and his wife Michaela Goerlitzer-Klingenberg made a conscious decision against this. They named their IT services company „disserto“, which is Latin and means „to discuss, to debate, to deal with“. „We’re very good at understanding the processes of our customers,“ says Managing Director Goerlitzer-Klingenberg, „and we’re also technophiles, combining process know-how with technology.“

Since 2007, disserto has been developing solutions for companies „where people are the main focus“. These are service providers who do not earn their revenue by selling goods, but who deploy their staff for projects and budget accordingly. Their customers include, for example, corporate consultants, corporate law firms and engineering consultants, project controllers and service provider companies. disserto mainly supports these companies in the personnel, order, project and contract management sectors – either with pure consulting or with specific new solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. All of this is performed on the basis of Microsoft products and structures: „We don’t do this because we’re Microsoft fanatics, but because the licences are often already there,“ says Klingenberg, who is responsible for operative business and development.

disserto uses the existing technologies and combines topics such as communication, document management or customer relationship management (CRM). „Most people use Word like a typewriter and Excel like a pocket calculator – and very few use them as interaction tools,“ Klingenberg explains. For example, to simplify processes these „Word typewriters“ are „converted“ into programs that automatically fetch files from the correct folders, rearrange them and display them in combination with the necessary information.

The consultants and developers mainly operate on the medium scale, in companies with around 150 to 250 employees. They develop solutions here and connect data for invoices, orders, dunning notices or timekeeping. „We do all this – but we are not in thrall to technology; we use it. You don’t have to follow every single trend. You have to find a good mixture that also reflects the tradition of the respective company,“ says the qualified businessman as he looks out upon Tauentzienstrasse and reminders of Berlin’s history.

It’s no coincidence that you see the Memorial Church when you look out the windows of disserto, and not Alexanderplatz or Kottbusser Tor. „It was important to us to position ourselves as an established company. We didn’t want to have this ‘in’ status that you get when you join the start-ups in Mitte,“ says Klingenberg, who also has his roots in City West in another sense, having been born in Schöneberg. Nevertheless, innovation is at the top of the list at disserto. So you won’t hear anyone saying „We’ve been doing it this way for 15 years.“

Susanne Hörr
Kluge Köpfe 2014