Multimedia at its best

»Children are the Best Testers!«, Guido Matzer, CEO ~sedna GmbH

Photo: Volker Döring

The largest LED screen in New York’s Times Square, a telephone conversation to Australia and the publication of the Bild newspaper have one thing in common: ~sedna in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin makes them all possible. Guido Matzer, Managing Director of ~sedna, remains unaffected by Chancellor Helmut Schmidt’s adage, “If you are having visions, go see a doctor”. His greatest satisfaction lies in the realization of projects, which other believe are not feasible in terms of time or financing. As a subsidiary of q-bus GmbH, ~sedna develops and markets products and solutions in the field of digital signage and systems for multi-touch, control rooms and room control and automation.

The products from ~sedna oriented on the future are based on two fundamental principles: state-of-the-art technology and exceptional design. Success on the US market followed quickly after the company’s establishment.

Display walls and multi-touch tables were convincing in their speed and high reliability. Based on Apple’s operating system, content can be provided both simply and comfortably. Earning companies like Disney and the telecommunications giant, AT&T, as customers was quickly followed by numerous other partners in Germany and other countries around the world. The editors of Bild relied on ~sedna. Thanks to the multi-touch table, they can work almost entirely without paper and save time and money through the optimization in the communication and working processes. German Telekom is the most important domestic customer.

~sedna and q-bus not only develop and construct visionary presentations at conferences for the German industry leader, but also the network management system for all foreign connections by means of futuristic appearing control rooms with display walls filling entire walls.

~sedna products are also in demand in other markets. Above all, schools, university and museums use hardware and software from Berlin’s City West neighborhood for their continuously changing content and presentations. ~sedna relies on a very special group of people for test runs of their new developments. “Children are the best testers”, says Guido Matzer.

“If they understand how to operate the device and enjoy it then we’ve done everything right. Because they relentlessly test everything, they are merciless in finding errors, which helps to optimize our products.” Matzer was the driving force behind the establishment of ~sedna. He values the same ideas in himself and his employees: thinking outside the box, enthusiasm, goal-oriented work ethics and a desire to learn continuously. He studied physics and media design.

In addition to his career, music is his greatest passion. For a time, he earned his living from it.

Whenever he can, Mr. Matzer still retreats to play one of his guitars. Then, he also has the leisure of enjoying the Red Herring Award he was recently given, which designates the company as one of the one hundred most innovative companies in Europe.

Dr. Michael Schäbitz
Kluge Köpfe 2011