Skin is a Pearl

DurrDerma is a company that manufactures skincare products to accompany the treatment of psoriasis – entirely cortisone free

Frank Veit, Thaher Kamal Foto:DurrDerma Healthcare GmbH

At some point, the pressure gets so great that you‘ll try everything,“ says Frank Veit. Even when you know everything is ‚totally crazy.‘ For example, what happened with the doctor from Thailand. Veit had ordered a treatment for psoriasis from him, one that was supposedly cortisone-free. Unfortunately, the opposite was the case. In fact, the compound was filled with more than just cortisone. It was also full of other toxins. And, to makes things worse, they were also damaging to kidneys. Veit knows all about this type of suffering – and all the crazy things that people do to treat it. For years, the 47-year-old suffered from psoriasis and was, as he himself says, at his wit‘s end in terms of conventional medicine. And yet, psoriasis is not a rare disease. Roughly five percent of the population of Europe suffers from this skin disease. And the numbers are increasing.

All that suffering is now a thing of the past – at least for Frank Veit. He‘s sitting in a big leather chair in an office in an industrial park the Gewerbehof Bülowbogen. Next to him sits Thaher Kamal. He‘s the man with the talent. The funky inventor. This is how Veit describes his business partner. The 48-year-old Kamal got rid of his psoriasis – with an ointment he developed himself, a mixture based on Eastern and European natural medicine. The cream is cortisone-free, and instead full of vitamins, minerals, olive oil and black cumin. The cream‘s combination of active ingredients was created by Kamal more than 20 years ago. Back then, he did it for his daughter, who suffered from skin disease and was desperate. The cream helped. But it never occurred to Kamal to make a business idea out of it. Not for 20 years. 

But then the inventor met the man from the media industry. Roughly three years ago, they joined forces to create the company known as DurrDerma. Al Durr can be translated as the pearl, which consists of many layers – just like human skin. The Greek word for skin in derma.

Today, the ointment has been approved for use as a medical cosmetic product in the EU, the patent application has been submitted and distribution is currently in development. Before that, the ointment underwent months of testing: it had to pass numerous trials, provide diverse certificates and fulfill many norms. Its precise legal term is also very important: it is a „skincare product for use in accompanying the treatment of psoriasis.“ Interestingly, the pharma market is not necessarily delighted about the new ointment. Recently, a patient test series was undertaken at Berlin‘s Charité Hospital. The results, which showed that the ointment helped in 83 percent of patients, were published in the „Journal of Traditional and Complimentary Medicine.“ This patient series wasn‘t necessary for any legal reasons. „But it‘s important for those affected with psoriasis,“ explains Kamal. And it‘s important for their own believability. 

Both entrepreneurs are eager to keep the promise they made, which was to help others affected with the ailment. It might sound a bit emotional, but it also recalls something Woody Allen once said: „Life is full of misery, loneliness and suffering – and it‘s all over much too soon …“ In other words, why waste any time with psoriasis?

Stefanie Paul
Kluge Köpfe 2015