Thoroughly Considered in Every Detail: Medical Technology Made in City West

»Our Device Technology stands for the Highest Quality in Minimally Invasive Surgery.«, Peter P. Wiest, Founder of W.O.M. AG

Photo: Volker Döring

For a long time, the motto was “great surgeons make great cuts”. It took several decades before the idea that people should be treated as uninvasively as possible began to assert itself. At the insistence of Professor Hans-Joachim Lindemann (gynecologist) from Hamburg, Peter P. Wiest (prospective engineer) dared to present a solution for the human womb in 1972.

The challenge consisted of transforming this sensitive organ into a stable hollow with the help of carbon dioxide in order to be able to insert lights, cameras and surgical instruments.

Peter P. Wiest not only found solutions for the numerous problems that arose, he also succeeded in getting the technology ready for the market. This was the origin of the success of this company, which is still managed by its founder.

With the victory of minimally invasive surgery in the second half of the Eighties, treatments became possible without making large cuts into the patients.

W.O.M. developed as one of the first devices, which allowed treatment of the abdominal area as well as of the joints. The company was barely able to keep up with the demand. “Our device technology stands for the highest quality in minimally invasive surgery”, says Founder Peter P. Wiest and not without pride. The high-technology devices are being developed in Berlin, built in the company’s own production facility in Ludwigstadt, but re-branded by major medical device manufacturers under their names. The USA is the most important sales market with Europe in second place.

Relocating the W.O.M. company headquarters from Lankwith to Berlin’s City West in 1997 was not just the result of the increasing need for technical specialists. There are a number of hospitals and university clinics in the capital metropolis, which collaborate closely to develop ideas into new products directly in the operating theater.

However, the technological edge is not the only factor responsible for the success of W.O.M. The company has also taken over the various, highly complex permit procedures in various countries for their customers. They guarantee the quality of “Made in Germany” down to the small screw with the clever inspection and documentation procedures.

Dr. Michael Schäbitz
Kluge Köpfe 2011