Dialogue Procedure Breitscheidplatz

Around the Breitscheidplatz the city is changing rapidly. New buildings arise, monuments become revitalized. In 2013, the District Administration for Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf conducted a dialogue procedure for the development of the Breitscheidplatz together with local residents, stakeholders and the administration. As a result a scenario was designed to improve the organization and the communication between the actors around Breitscheidplatz.

Through bilateral discussions with the local residents and users of the square, common and divergent demands have been worked out. Common positions are, for example, a more flexible furniture, the maintenance of clear visual connections and the improvement of the facilities (toilets, technology, etc.). No consensus exists among other issues such as the degree of commercial use on the square.

In the further process three scenarios were developed. The first scenario is the "improvement of organization", which is a minimal alternative. This scenario seeks to improve the organization of space usage and the communication between the actors. The more profound scenarios such as ‘cleaning up and improving the infrastructure’ and ‘further development’ would also take into account structural rearrangements as a result of an urban and landscape planning competition or a workshop. At the end of January 2014, the results were presented and discussed in the Urban Development Committee of the District Council of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

In 2014, a qualification of the use- and design-statute of the Breitscheidplatz and the Wittenbergplatz (incl. Tauentzienstraße) is to be achieved. The contents are to be matched with the district officials, the local residents and other key stakeholders in a series of meetings. The aim is to sustainably improve the appearance and the temporary use of the squares and the Tauentzienstraße. The results will be presented in the district court.

This process will be preceded by an investigation of the roles and functions of the most important places in the City West (Ernst-Reuter-Platz to Nollendorfplatz). The revision of the use- and design-statute will rely on these results.

Contractor for carrying out the dialogue procedure is the Planergemeinschaft Kohlbrenner eG.