East Entrance City West

Background and objective

Due to its aesthetic shortcomings and the extreme pollution of noise and exhaust gas caused by the over-sized streets the area east of Wittenberg square is less attractive. On the other hand, the area has a number of key features and owns high development potential and relevance to tourism services.
The District Administration of Tempelhof-Schöneberg intends to improve the public space. Therefore, means by the program “Aktive Zentren” are provided.

The story so far

Within the first phase of the project in 2013, the opportunities of realization of a reduction and reorganization of the traffic areas were examined. Furthermore, concrete measures to eliminate weaknesses for trade and tourism and to strengthen existing qualities were developed (Feasibility Study and Integrated Development Concept).

Together with citizens, first ideas and suggestions to improve the public space of Kleiststrasse were collected at a public event on August 8th 2013. On a second public meeting on August 20th 2013, the first planning approaches were discussed on the basis of the elaborated ideas.
Current process

In a second phase based on the acquired results, focal points for the further process have been identified:

  • improving and redesigning of western Kleiststraße between Wittenberg square and An der Urania / Martin-Luther-Straße and
  • involving the local neighborhood and hotel businesses in a development and participatory process to improve the central reservation strip of Lietzenburgerstrasse and An der Urania.

Redesign Kleiststrasse

Currently, the City Planning Department is preparing a collaborative peer review procedure, in which several offices will develop recommendations for improving the Kleiststraße. Afterwards a jury will decide which design concept is to be implemented. To inform the general public, an exhibition presenting the results of the procedure for the future design of Kleiststraße is planned (late 2014 / early 2015).

In the period 2014 to 2015, the planning and preparations necessary for the reconstruction of Kleiststraße will be carried out. These measures are connected to the aimed construction work in 2015 and 2016 by BVG to refurbish the tunnel ceiling of the subway line running below Kleiststraße. The necessary restoration of road space is to be combined with the improvement and redesign of the western Kleiststraße. Client of this measure is the road and green space department of the District Administration of Tempelhof-Schöneberg.

Participation process

The care and maintenance of existing open spaces were discussed by civil votes on public events in August 2013 and were indentified as unsatisfactory. In addition to the redesign of Kleiststraße based on the perspectives of residents and local stakeholders contextually sensitive enhancement and partial transformation of existing open spaces will be brought into focus.

For 2014 and 2015, a process is planned that seeks to involve local actors and property owners, and to establish an actor network. Goals are to improve the appearance of the center strip of Lietzenburgerstrasse and An der Urania by gentle and context oriented transformations, to highlight the existing works of art and monuments in public space as well as the development of medium- to long-term cooperations.


Prozessdokumentation Veranstaltung 8. August 2013 (PDF ca. 170 Kb)

More information by the city planning office of the competent district

Östliche Eingangsbereiche in der City West. Machbarkeitsstudie und Integriertes Entwicklungskonzept, Bericht / Dokumentation (PDF ca. 900 KB)

City West - Qualifizierung der östlichen Eingangsbereiche; 1. Veranstaltung - Präsentation der Projektbereiche (PDF ca. 5,5 MB)

City West - Qualifizierung der östlichen Eingangsbereiche; 2. Veranstaltung (PDF ca. 6 MB)

Weiterbearbeitung Konzept Kleiststraße (PDF ca. 1,2 MB)