Entrance Campus Charlottenburg at Fasanenstrasse - Extended Hertzallee

The extension of the Hertzallee is the central development axis of the main campus of the Technical University of Berlin (TUB) and the University of the Arts (University of Arts). In former times, the magnificent, with lime trees encased "Kurfürstenallee" was leading from Ernst-Reuter-Platz to Tiergarten. In 1950 the street was renamed "Hertzallee". The declassification of the section as a public road between Ernst-Reuter-Platz and Fasanenstraße followed in 1964. Since then, appearance and perception of the former avenue has changed completely. Today, it has significant functional and design deficiencies. Especially the entry area to the campus at Ernst-Reuter-Platz and Fasanenstraße  are unattractive to confusing.

Competition procedure

Therefore, a competition procedure was initiated in close cooperation between the district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment, the TUB and the University of the Arts, in spring 2014. Within this procedure an overall planning concept for the open space is to be found, which will serve as a basis for a gradual reconstruction of the extended Hertzallee. In the process the urban relations between Hardenbergplatz / Hertzallee and Ernst-Reuter Platz should be taken into account. As a first step it is intended to redesign the walkway from the entrance to the campus at Fasanenstraße to the interlinked connection of student canteen and main buildings of the TUB.

The aim is to enhance the entrance area as an accessible and publicly usable place for residents, visitors, tourists, etc. of the City West. Considering heritage aspects, the historical connection with access situation, routing, planting and space creation of the outdoor area should be revitalized again in order to strengthen the open space qualities of the campus, to improve the accessibility of the campus to the city and to eliminate the seclusion of the campus. In September 2014, a jury will vote on the winner of seven participating offices.