Lighting concept for the train bridges

The Senate Department for Urban Development held a competition for the development of a lighting concept in May 2011. The results of the competition are available and can be seen at the website of the Senate Department for Urban Development. At the end of September 2011, a jury reviewed the eight submitted lighting designs and determined that the task for a collective concept could not be solved. Instead, three of the eight submissions should be further developed in a workshop process. A decision was made to carry out the first bridge lighting project at Bleibtreustraße. This will be followed by the bridge over Kantstraße and the train crossing at Hardenbergstraße close to the Zoological Garden Train Station (Zoologischer Garten Bahnhof). Overall, the plan is to gradually upgrade the eight bridge areas to create a "pearl necklace made of light".

The goals of the project are

  •  an improvement of the entry to City West
  •  designing identification and orientation points
  •  improving use, particularly for pedestrians
  •  increasing the subjective feeling of safety in the tunnel areas
  •  improving the image- and media-effective presentation with the inclusion of all actors
  •  ideas for the future qualification of adjacent retail and service use with the activation and inclusion of local actors
  •  high-profile effects, e.g. for tourism
  •  contribution to city and construction culture through the integration of light art in the public sphere

The historical city railway made a significant contribution to the opening and economic development of City West. The city railway viaduct represents a prominent feature of the public space in City West due to its numerous bridges. The tunnel areas of the train bridges are like the eye of the needle in the collective consciousness, unfortunately often as dark and repellent places.

The landmarked bridges can be designed more attractively through an improvement in the lighting and contribute to better orientation through the individual accentuation. Residents and tourist should perceive the tunnel areas to be pleasant places in the future. The following train bridges are planned: Hertzallee, Hardenbergstraße, Kantstraße, Fasanenstraße, Uhlandstraße, Grolmannstraße, Knesebeckstraße, Bleibtreustraße.

Competition results

Press release by the Lebendige Stadt Foundation