Redesigning of Friedrich Hollaender Square (formerly Ranke square)

Ranke Square (Rankeplatz), a previously ignored open area at the intersection of Lietzenburger Straße and Joachimstaler Straße, was redesigned in 2012 and renamed after Friedrich Hollaender, the composer of the song "Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß auf Liebe eingestellt" (I'm tuned into love from head to foot), which became known throughout the world thanks to Marlene Dietrich.

The redesigning of the square was financed by a subsidy from the "Active Centres" programme. Paved and concrete surfaces were removed, car parking spaces were reduced and the square received a fountain for the first time. The quality of life has improved and the space can now be perceived as a city square for the first time. The renaming also creates a connection to the nearby University of Arts on Bundesallee through the subjects of music and composition.  Friedrich Hollaender was, among others, a writer, director, actor and theatre manager in Berlin.

The grand opening of Friedrich Hollaender Square was on 18 June 2012.