Clever Minds. Creatives in CITY WEST

Clever Minds. Creatives in CITY WEST

Clever Minds. Creatives in CITY WEST

They’re all somehow related to each other: architecture, design, music, film and advertising. Industries in which creatives can really cavort. What connects these sub-markets of the creative economy is made clear by the Latin origin of the word: ‘creare’ means to create something – something that didn’t exist before. New products, processes and co-operations are the result; new questions are posed and solutions developed. The creative economy is an engine for economic innovation, especially when the work is interdisciplinary.

The other meaning of ‘creare’ is to choose. When we choose, we decide on something while also excluding other things. We too had to decide.

The creative economy consists of eleven sub-markets, and Berlin City West comprises 650 hectares. This publication is around 20 pages long, space for only a fraction of the creative Clever Minds from the west of the German capital: Architecture probably shapes our living environment more than anything else. New buildings, modern facades, lighting. For three offices in City West, only the best solution will do. Together they are working on projects abroad, and as neighbours they have a common ground.

Designing can mean finding compromises, or cutting out uncompromisingly. A product designer looks for the balance between form and function, a graphic designer the suitable positions for game-changing information.

Whether casting or classical, creative work requires mediation. Four women coolly manage everything behind the scenes so that artists can find their audience.
Fashion marketing with a difference: an Austrian presents her own designs to other women over a cup of tea. Others suggest a subject, designs are made, and votes are cast in a digital democratic process.

A qualified advertising technician and a former filmmaker both enjoy trying things out and are fascinated by things that stick for a long time. However, what they don’t share is their target group: she provides practical help for children, he specific expertise for walls.

Two owner-run agencies provide all-round communication. The agency in the Bülowbogen specialises in media scenography, the one at Ernst-Reuter-Platz in full service.

Handmade or hi-tech: the oldest factory still in operation in Berlin processes traditional materials in unusual contexts, and a start-up that just registered a patent for an optical aid made of wood.

To finish, an incentive: „Creativity means having ideas. And they can just as easily come from a civil servant – you don’t have to be a visual artist. You are creative if you process a problem and find a solution.“

Clever Minds at a glance

Prof. Florian Adler
Rudi Scheuermann
Sabine Clausecker
Oliver Collignon
Carsten Gollnick
Dr. Florian Ellsaesser + Bruce Hamilton
Jürgen Mayer H.
Sonia Simmenauer + Maren Borchers
Thomas Wenzel
Alexandra Mikloweit + Julia Schaefer
Stefanie Brauer
Charlotte + Marc Tamschick
Sina Thomaseth
Catalin Enache
Ulrich Welter

Jürgen Mayer H. - Metropol Parasol, Sevilla Photo: Nikkol Rot für Holcim

Photo: KD 211:musique

Sabine Clausecker, Eberhard Bingel © CB.e Clausecker | Bingel AG

Photo: Front Row Society

© Sticky & Sweet

Thomas Wenzel © Elke A. Jung-Wolff

Photo: York Christoph Riccius

© WD Eyewear Berlin

Photo:Gustav Willeit, Model Christiane Gamper

Florian Adler Photo: Tim de Gruisbourne

Carsten Gollnick Photo: Martin Peterdamm

Tamschick Media+Space

Ulrich Welter Photo: WELTER ® Manufaktur für Wandunikate