Clever Minds. The Digital Economy in CITY WEST

Clever Minds. The Digital Economy in CITY WEST

Clever Minds. The Digital Economy in CITY WEST

Digital is a major buzzword. The EU Commission fills the post for the Digital Economy, the German government has enacted the Digital Agenda and the motto for Science Year 2014 is „Digital Society“. PC, smartphone, tablet – digital devices in everyone’s hands. And soon on everyone’s wrist too. There’s hardly a single workplace left without information technology.

Berlin has around 5,800 companies that belong to the digital sector. They employ 60,000 people. And they’re on the increase. In this supplement we’ll be introducing you to a sample of 16 of these companies. All that they have in common is that they’re located, or were founded, in Berlin City West. An overview of our selection:

Very special connectors: 3YOURMIND has programmed a plug-in that allows 3D printouts at the push of a button, TVIB an alarm that enables online campaigns to react to TV adverts. BITPLACES provides you with local, self-determined advertising on your mobile device.

Loudly and quietly: TEUFEL loudspeakers are not just at the vanguard of direct online sales, but are also looking forward, together with RAUMFELD, to the world of WLAN listening culture. The relationship of music and emotion is celebrated by SONGFOR. At AUTICON, on the other hand, specialisation and systematics are at the centre of the work carried out by autistic consultants.

No worries: CLOUDCONTROL is a start-up providing optimised IT environments for creating websites. Services from A to Z in the app development sector are provided by KARLMAX BERLIN.

And still no end to their talents: COIRE synchronises music devices wirelessly and to the microsecond – having developed its own software for this purpose. DISSERTO goes to the heart of the company processes of its customers in order to program their Microsoft products to fit them like a glove. SIGNAVIO visualises complex, invisible work processes and gives many participants a voice via the cloud.

Protection in the digital jungle: M&H IT-SECURITY encrypts sensitive data and allows only authorized access. The whistleblowing system of BUSINESS KEEPER enables anonymous reporting when something in a company is going wrong. MIKADO simulates hacker attacks from outside and provides remedies.

Last but not least – exam success: Learn maths the easy way using the multimedia platform from INTEGRAL-LEARNING, and measure vibrations with a new product from MAUL-THEET.

Get-together on Lautsprecher Teufel im Bikini Berlin

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All Pictures © Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie /

Clever Minds at a glance

Marius Braun, Christian Dietz, Florian Goltz (v.l.) Photo: Lutz Maternowski

Matthias Keil, Wieland Knodel (v.l.) Foto: MAUL-THEET GmbH

Karl Szwillus Photo: Michael Hughes / Karlmax Berlin GmbH & Co. KG

BKMS® System Graphic: Business Keeper AG

Prof. Dr. Ruedi Seiler, Marek Grudzinski (v.l.) Photo: integral-learning GmbH

Tobias Wunner, Aleksander Ciszek, Stephan Kühr (v.l.) Foto: 3YOURMIND GmbH

Hans-Peter Möschle, Bernhard Altmann, Ralf Ehren (v.l.) © Faceland

Sascha Malla Photo: Manuela Steinemann

Michaela Goerlitzer-Klingenberg, Andreas Klingenberg Photo: Alexander Klebe, Brightside Studio

Reimund Reiter und Wolfgang Dürr Photo. Maja Meschka

Dr. Behrend Freese Photo: Franziska Krug

IT-Consultant Marko Riegel Photo: Björn Wiedenroth / auticon

Björn Kötter und Sven Wedig (v.l.) Foto: Moritz Schmidt

Die Gründer: Torben Schreiter, Nicolas Peters, Willi Tscheschner, Dr. Gero Decker (v.l.) Photo: Signavio GmbH

F. Böhmak, Th. Grandoch, J. Schumann, M. Holtbecker (v.l.) Foto: Philipp Reisberg

Tobias Wilken, Philipp Strube, Thomas Ruland (v.l.) Photo: cloudControl GmbH