Clever Minds. The Health Care Industry in CITY WEST

Clever Minds. The Health Care Industry in CITY WEST

Clever Minds. The Health Care Industry in CITY WEST

Germany‘s capital region is a health care region. Indeed, the facts and figures mentioned on page 3 are quite impressive. And yet, when we think of the health care sector in Berlin, one thinks of Campus Buch, Charité Hospital, Bayer and perhaps even the Max Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine. One doesn‘t necessarily think of the CITY WEST area as a cluster of excellence in the field of health care. The selection of stories contained here is evidence that this might soon change.

Safe and gentle: At the ANGIOCLINIC, varicose veins are removed without the need for surgery. The technology at BETTERGUARDS protects joints by reacting to sudden movements.

From pain and suffering to the founding of a company: the skincare of DURRDEMA works wonders on psoriasis without the use of cortisone. Bandages and orthotics free of toxic materials are available at ORPEDO.

Everything depends on the right substances: BOTISS grows bones and gum tissue, and DEXLECHEM has created a method that enables the reuse of catalysts.

Dealing with finitude: Dr. Jessen takes on HIV – and wins. The unique HAUSEINS in Berlin brings together palliative care and self-determined living.

It can be done: The software created by TASK 36 allows you to calculate the human factor in projects, and the photo sensor made by SOPAT measures particles in processes.

Heavyweights: Market leader WOM has achieved big results with tiny surgical incisions, and the Fraunhofer HHI is applying findings from the telecommunication industry to medical technology.

There has to be a better way: chronically ill patients learn how to live better lives at the MELITO Health School, and xit optimizes social services that prioritize people.

And, last but not least – medicine without borders: MEDICAL FLY organizes medical treatments abroad and in Germany.

We hope you enjoy reading about the exciting individuals and companies hard at work in CITY WEST.

Dr. Andreas Nagel Foto: Melito AG

Laborsituation Foto: DexLeChem GmbH

Melanie Laube, Beate Lange, Nicole Marquardt (v.l.) Foto: hauseins Vermietung und Beratungsgesellschaft mbH

HHI-Institutsleiter: Prof. Martin Schell, Prof. Thomas Wiegand Foto: Fraunhofer Institut für Nachrichtentechnik, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, HHI

Die Gesellschafter von xit: Prof. Klaus Schellberg, Prof. Bernd Halfar, Stefan Löwenhaupt (v.l.) Foto: xit GmbH

Vinzenz Bichler © Betterguards Technology GmbH

Minimal Invasive Chirugie Foto: W.O.M. WORLD OF MEDICINE GmbH

Orpedo Orthopedics Company KG

Özge Tor Vural Foto: Medical Fly GmbH

Dr. Johann C. Ragg Foto: angioclinic® Venenzentrum Berlin GmbH

Oliver Bielenstein, Dr. Drazen Tadic Foto:botiss biomaterials group

Frank Veit, Thaher Kamal Foto:DurrDerma Healthcare GmbH

Ishay Sommer und Philipp Stelzer Foto: Task 36 GmbH

Sondenmessung in der Parxis Foto: Sopat GmbH

Dr. Heiko Jessen Foto: Praxis Jessen² + Kollege