Second Designmile Kantstraße in 2012

On 12 and 13 October, the special event called  Kantstraße Design Mile took place for the second time. 27 design-loving companies presented a high-class and diverse range of offers to their guests and customers. On Kantstraße between Breitscheid Square and Savigny Square and in the surrounding area, there has been an inter-industry network since 2010 where people involved in tourism, the service industry, gastronomy and retail have combined in order to breathe new life into Kantstraße and jointly market it as an attractive location.

As part of the event for the  Kantstraße Design Mile, the latest developments in furniture offers are presented, insights into interesting locations and architecture are provided and informative advice is available. Visitors are led to different stations in a city safari, can veer off into side streets and come into contact with offers that they may not have seen otherwise. Besides local residents and the professional public, the Kantstraße Design Mile network also focuses on the young and creative that would like to discover Kantstraße for themselves. International visitors interested in art will increasingly come to City West in the future and also make the lively and diverse Kantstraße their own.